Set Apart For Victory

15 January, 2023 Ps Phil McIlwraith

This week pastor Phil encourages us with a message on four things that can help set us apart for victory. The biblical text for this message centers around the story of David and Goliath.


Get Dressed The King is Calling

8 January, 2023 Layla Nahavandi

Sharing from the story of Joseph and Pharaoh, Ps Layla brings a passionate word on getting ourselves prepared for being called into our destiny.

Genesis 41:14


The Year of the Impossible

1 January, 2023 Ps Phil McIlwraith

This week Ps Phill kicks us off with a sermon on The Year of the Impossible, giving us five keys to walking in the miraculous.


The Gift of a Name

25 December, 2022 Pastor Garry Leech

Celebrating Christmas today, Ps Garry reminds us of the gift of a Name. Not only does Jesus open doors others can't open, he provides healing, counseling, the source of all eternity, prince of peace.

Isaiah 9:16


Stepping Into What’s Next

18 December, 2022 Paul Vinton

Paul Vinton ecourages us with the 7 things that the next step involves.

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Who Was Epaphroditus?

11 December, 2022 Ps Phil McIlwraith

This week Ps Phil shares with us the qualities that Paul saw in Epaphroditus that made him an effective worker for God.


Revival In Unlikely Places

4 December, 2022 Pastor David Hall

Our first weekend under our new name of Revival City Church, under the leadership of Ps David Hall, Ps David shares a word from 2 Kings, on the life of Elijah.

Main Scripture: 2 Kings 13


How Much More

27 November, 2022 Pastor Garry Leech

After a few weeks off Pastor Garry brings us a heartfelt message on How Much More.

Main Verse: Matthew 7:7-11


Walk in the Anointing

20 November, 2022 Ps Phil McIlwraith

People may know you as one thing - a vocation, a mum/dad/wife/husband - and that is a calling/vehicle to outwork the gifts and talents in your life. But every person has a primary calling, a higher purpose, to see Gods kingdom come, to make disciples, sharing the love, peace and hope of Jesus Christ. Ps Phil brings us some keys to walk in the anointing, to help us stay in our calling.