Faith Like Caleb

13 November, 2022 Ps Phil McIlwraith

With the story of the spies and the land God promised to them, Ps Phil brings a word encouraging us to have the faith of Caleb, a faith that sees us posses the promises God has for us.

Numbers 13



6 November, 2022 Ps Phil McIlwraith

With Ps Phil with us today, he shares on 6 things that we remain in that cause us not to bear fruit.


Missions Sunday October 2022

30 October, 2022 Pastor Steve McCracken

This week is brought to you by our missions team and includes a special message from our friends Steve and Sally McCracken.


Keep Moving Forward

16 October, 2022 Ps Phil McIlwraith

Ps Phil encourages us to ask ourselves "Am I living my life now in a manner that will hear 'Good and Faithful Servent' from Jesus?" and how we find the resilience to keep moving forward with Jesus


Having Deep Roots

9 October, 2022 Pastor Joel Tan

With the privilege of having Ps Joel Tan from Singapore with us this morning, he shares a refreshing word on having ourselves rooted in Jesus, in the right place and how bearing fruit is not an option!

Psalms 92:12-14


Standing Firm

2 October, 2022 Pastor Garry Leech

Ps Garry brings an encouraging word on standing firm in our faith and in Christ, not just physical, though it can be, but an attitude of our spirit, of our nature.

Main Verse: Isaiah 7:1-9


How Deep Is Your Ditch?

11 September, 2022 Pastor Andrew Cartledge

Our guest speaker Andrew Cartledge asks the question "what are we preparing for"? Sharing from 2 Kings 3, he encourages us to dig ditches for the outpouring of God to fill up.

Main Scripture: 2 Kings 3:15-18


Lessons From The Burning Bush

4 September, 2022 Pastor David Hall

Sharing from Exodus 3 with Moses and the burning bush, Ps David brings an encouraging and powerful word on who God is and him being in all situations. Let the fire of God speak to you today!

Main Scripture: Exodus 3:1-14


Living Above Our Circumstances

28 August, 2022 Ps Prince Asir

Having Ps Prince as our guest speaker today, he reflected on the life of Paul and encourages us in living above our circumstances. Despite what he went through and the challenges he faces, he chose to keep an eternal perspective.

Main Scripture: Philippians 3:7-14